Dr. David Klatt

Providing Cutting Edge Quality Care as well as Educating and Informing
Our Patients to Enable them to Reach their Wellness Goals.

Dr. David Klatt is a 2023 Graduate of the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. David has lived and worked in central Alberta for most of his life. He began practicing in the field of complimentary health as an RMT in 2002. Over the last two decades he has taken many courses and learned a number of modalities. He was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine by his wife Rhonda, who is also a Doctor of Acupuncture. What impressed him the most was how effective the treatments could be by using a few, very thin, needles.

Dr. David is looking forward to helping patients in a multi-discipline clinic. He will be following the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat patients with musculoskeletal and chronic pain using Acupuncture and Fire Cupping. These two techniques work well to increase circulation and break up tissue adhesions. He may also include Tui Na ( Chinese Massage) techniques or draw from a number of other modalities he has learned depending on the situation.